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Los Angeles Bridal Beauty

Los Angeles Bridal Beauty

Excited to celebrate my one year anniversary as a certified wedding coordinator. It’s been a fantastic year thus far.

I had the pleasure in both attending and coordinating beautiful weddings all spring and summer long. Every wedding is special and unique in their own way and a reflection of the couple marrying.

When planning a wedding there is a lot for me to take into consideration because I genuinely want the planning process to be as pleasant as possible for both the bride and groom.

Trends today are a significant part of our society and of course! Instagram now plays a huge role on some of these new influences and wedding trends. It almost seems as if there is a hashtag and filter for just about everything. This keeps us wedding planners on our toes making sure we are up to date with all the latest.

Los Angeles Brides Makeup Artist

As a Los Angeles Wedding Planner and Wedding Makeup Artist I like to consult with my brides prior to the day of her wedding and get an full understanding on what makeup look she wishes to accomplish on the day of her actual wedding. At the time of my brides consultation I like to ask for a makeup trial as well, so I can discuss her current skincare and makeup routines to see what my clients face is used to wearing on a daily basis and then customize a makeup application specifically for her skin tone and skin type.


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