Planning for any kind of surgery not just plastic surgery is a really big deal. There are a lot of factors that go into achieving the perfect experience and result. Every procedure is different and will have specially tailored post op care instructions. It is definitely something you do not want to cut corners on.

This may be Financially, time off of work, help with mobility and accessibility post surgery.

From personal experience gained by working with some of Beverly Hills most elite plastic surgeons for over 20 years. I learned that there are things you can do to help expedite the healing process and maximize your results.

It all begins with the preparations that should be done prior to surgery. Some procedures are more invasive than others and require more down time. When you know there is going to be down time and your body is going to be put through a lot of trauma you really have to be in good shape and avoid smoking for a few weeks if you’re a smoker, avoid blood thinners like fish, vitamin E, and aspirin.

Your doctor should provide you with a list of things to avoid a couple weeks before and after surgery at the time of your pre-operative appointment.

Work out as much as possible and eat healthy to get your body strong and in shape. Especially if you’re getting liposuction.

When having liposuction we have to keep in mind that liposuction isn’t a permeant form of weight loss. Liposuction will help sculpt your body but for maximin results you want to work out before and after. Working out makes you feel better and keeps your body strong while you’re recovering. 

Liposuction and BBLS are two different surgeries. Pre and post op care will be different.

Do extensive research on the particular procedure you will be having. Some aesthetic surgeries will require you to sit on special pillows, sleep with padding around your face for facial plastic surgery.

Compression garments are also a part of post op and will need to be worn for 3 weeks to months after surgery to help shape the area that was sculpted.

Often times plastic surgeons tend to only provide you with one garment or none and you might want to have a few to switch out. You will be leaking blood or tumescent fluid and need to wash the garment. Make sure to look into purchasing more garments through your doctors office or online.

Procedures like liposuction and breast augmentation with implants need special massaging to soften implants or help with moving fluids. Breast massaging can be done with your hands doing gentle circular and grabbing motion. Body work like liposuction can benefit greatly from professional lymphatic massages.

You want to confirm with your plastic surgeon the specific type of massaging that is required for your procedure. You don’t want to compromise your final results by not massaging properly for your specific type of surgery.

You really want to prepare your body with a healthy diet. Boost up on greens, water and organic, lean proteins. La Beauty Guide has created an incredible diet with a months worth of recipes. The first two weeks of this custom diet is to help with immunity and for 2 weeks post to help stay lean and energized. 

Securing finances is very important. Making sure you have enough not only for the procedure but for post op care and any potential complication that might arise that could require more attention and medication. Standard prescriptions for any procedure can range between a couple hundred dollars to a thousand dollar depending on what your doctor will prescribe. 

In addition we need to remember that you can not work for a few days, weeks or even a month depending on how well you recover and the extent of your procedure. You will want to save money to make up for the time you will not be working. These are all tips to help minimize stress while recovering as stress can prolong your healing process. 

Luxury Recovery Room & VIP post operative nurses

Hiring help like a licensed and skilled recovery nurse can be something you may want to consider or may be advised to do so by your cosmetic surgeon.

Facelifts and tummy tucks procedures will require you to book an after care facility or a nurse for at least the first 24 hours post your procedure.

You will need someone that is highly experienced with these procedures to help monitor and make sure everything is ok when you are home after your surgery. This is also ideal for someone that doesn’t have any help at home and wishes to keep this experience private.

The luxury of booking an aftercare facility is that they will provide you with transportation from the day of surgery to your first post op appointments.

All meals are included. You can count on assistance with bathing and dressings that will need to be changed. These facilities can also accommodate an additional guest if you wish to have the company of someone special you can trust.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Perfect for wound healing. Oxygen therapy helps with reducing swelling and pain.

Keep plastic surgery exciting, recovering is the hardest part. Embrace your beautiful results.

Everything will work out. Just remember to not over do it.

If you need any assistance coordinating any of these services or hiring a private nurse, I will be happy to help you. Simply fill out our contact form. We are based out of Los Angeles and can help coordinate a custom recovery program for you, even if you are out of state.

I hope you found this blog post helpful and informative.

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