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Audrey’s Long Black Straight Hair Maintenance.

Audrey’s Long Black Straight Hair Maintenance.

If you live in Los Angeles, you know that first impressions are everything. Hair and makeup are pretty much a must when leaving your home. Lol. I've always been obsessed with long, black and straight hair. Unfortunately, for me I was not born with either. Growing up I...

Post Nonsurgical Makeup

Post Nonsurgical Makeup

Hello my beauties, I'm excited to share this new makeup routine I've put together to use as post nonsurgical makeup, which has now become my daily wear makeup routine. Due to the great skincare line and routine I'm using, I find myself using less products and products...

Mineral Air Makeup

Mineral Air Makeup

Finally! A foundation that is light, has full coverage & is comfortable to wear!I’d like to share an amazing discovery I’ve made in the world of makeup foundation! Debuting exclusively here at LA Beauty Guide is a fantastic new airbrush machine & flawless...

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