It’s time to update your profile with top Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Steven Svehlak, Double Board certified by American Board of Plastic surgery and the American Board of Surgery.

Dr. Svehlak graduated from both the University of Connecticut and New York Medical College. 

This amazing surgeon knows what it takes to make any woman turn heads on a red carpet or special occasion. He is an innovator that can change the course of beauty, health, wellness and anti-aging. 

This Award winning plastic surgeon has two beautiful offices; The Aesthetic Bar in Manhattan Beach featured in Vogue Magazine as well as Sunset Cosmetic Surgery in Beverly Hills.

Learn Hollywoods best kept secrets to looking younger and fabulous with the perfect combination of surgical cosmetics procedures. Not all procedures are the same especially when it comes to those that fight aging.  

The Aesthetics Bar offers many In office treatments like lasers and peels to help resurface the skin and help create new collagen. Achieve beautiful and youthful looking skin with Wendy Svehlak’s expertise on micro-needling, injectables and medical grade skincare. 

Create a customized approach to visibly reduce dark spots, diminish the look of fine lines with incredible medical grade skincare products that are exclusively available at The Aesthetic Bar.

The solution for younger and natural looking skin are ingredients that have a proven track record of slowing down or reversing signs of aging. It is possible to even out skin tone, texture and tighten enlarged pores with just one visit.

Plastic surgery goes beyond skincare and botox. With the desire to improve your physical appearance, Sunset Cosmetic Surgery is the perfect place to begin your surgical journey. Dr. Steven Svehlak and his team have exactly what it takes for delivering optimum results that we all want. It’s all about techniques, artistry and not over doing it.

Treatments are tailored to each individual for the ultimate VIP experience. Patient satisfaction is the most important goal.

With his extensive experience in breast surgery, patients from all over the world come for a variety of beast procedures, including augmentations, lifts, reconstruction and revisions.

After pregnancy there are certain physical changes women may not be able to correct with out surgery. Mommy Makeovers are one of Dr. Svehlak’s specialties. He has done wonders helping women restore their bodies and confidence after child birth.

For more on Dr. Svehlak and his amazing procedures, I highly recommend you check out his website for more details and before and after photos.

Sunset Cosmetic Surgery

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