Plastic surgery is consider to be elective but sometimes I feel that plastic surgery is necessary to help us reach some of our aesthetic goals. Hollywood has definitely set the beauty standard pretty high since celebrities are always looking their best. It took for me to work in the plastic surgery industry to understand that some of my idols were not naturally born good looking but invested in good plastic surgery. What is good plastic surgery?  Good plastic surgery is any cosmetic procedure that enhances natural beauty and has people guessing what you had done because you look so fabulous. Plastic Surgery has become the norm and more popular. It is important to do research or work with a beauty concierge to help guide you through the beautification process.  Our concierge will refer you to surgeons that specialize in the procedures you are interested in. 

La Beauty Guide has an incredible network of beauty professionals and plastic surgeons that are the best in Beverly Hills and South Bay.  

I’ve been a surgical consultant for almost three decades. With all my experience of working with plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentist and amazing dermatologist, I want to help you achieve all you aesthetic goals.
Whether it’s for a breast augmentation, a lil liposuction, botox or veneers I am happy to help. 

Anything is possible in the world of plastic surgery if you have the resources to afford it all. Aside from it being expensive we also have to consider the time off you need to recover. I want to help you start your surgical journey and guarantee the ultimate VIP experience.

Plastic Surgery has motivated me to make more money, so that I can keep up all my beauty maintenance, including hair, nails, botox, filler and possibly some more invasive procedures. It might motivate you to do the same. 

The La Plastic Surgery Lifestyle encourages you to feel guilt free when you invest in yourself. Sometimes we can be hard on ourselves when we spend money on cosmetics or cosmetic surgery. However, when you invest in good plastic surgery and get amazing results, you’ll be happy with the decision you made. 

If you are interested in a mommy makeover, a mid age makeover or a mature makeover you might need multiple surgeries to maximize your results. Some of these makeovers surgeries need to be staged and I will help you on which procedures to have first, so that can achieve your desired look and still look natural and well proportioned.  

Transform you post baby body and help put off the signs of aging with anti-aging treatments and plastic surgery.
A tummy tuck Is very common for women that have had children or patients that have lost a lot of weight. Having a tummy tuck can be pretty invasive and would require some after care from post op nurse at least for the first couple days after your surgery. 

For patients interested in doing full body plastic surgery we have a special diet and fitness program to help you prepare for surgery and keep you lean post operatively.  Liposuction is not a permeant form of weight loss. You can still gain weight after and the weight will probably becomes resistant on the areas that were liposuctioned. This may cause the fat that you gain post surgery to show up on the areas that did not get liposuction. 

If you are interested in any cosmetic procedures and would like some guidance on coordinating a custom surgical procedure, please feel free to email me at 

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