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Brides and future patients can enjoy the latest in beauty trends and information on the top cosmetic procedures with the top surgeons in Beverly Hills and other parts of U.S.

Our goal is to make sure our brides meet their ideal aesthetic goal just in time for their big wedding day.

With nearly 14 years of experience it comes natural for us to to guide our brides and patients through out their entire beauty enhancing experience.

We coordinate everything from their initial consultation, pre operative appointment and all necessary post op appointments with a surgeon that specializes in their desired procedures. We educate our brides and patients as much as possible on what to look for and what to expect.

Dr. Desai, breast surgeon specialist, and LA Beauty Guide CEO, Audrey Ortega

Seeing as how plastic surgery is an investment in yourself, it’s important to research both the procedure and the surgeon performing it.

Team LA Beauty Guide knows the the ins and outs of beauty, especially cosmetic surgery. Some of our top surgical consultants have over a decade of experience working for top plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills.

Once a procedure is booked, a customized surgical program is designed around the procedure of the patients choice to help minimize recovery, expedite healing and maximize patients surgical results. A custom one month meal plan is included to help prepare the body to undergo any surgical procedure and keep lean through out recovery as no working out is permitted for a few weeks post surgery. 2 weeks of meals to help build immune systems, minimize stress and help with recovery. 2 weeks post meals to help maintain lean while you’re not able to work out, and help patients transition to a healthier lifestyle.

International consulting and accommodations are available for our out of state and out of country  patients.

All of our procedures have been designed with an out patient health program in mind. Meaning that our time tested, multi-national patient approved system makes it so that once you’re done with your surgery, you don’t have to return.

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Meet Dr. Laurence Rifkin, LA’s top cosmetic dental surgeon, and LA Beauty Guide’s CEO Audrey Ortega

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