Skin Care Cosmetic Review:

I’m sure you’ve noticed my little obsession with skin care since I’m always blogging about sunblock, mositurizers, primers; and anything that can help my skin stay youthful, and clear. I simply like to preach the importance of proper skin care to ensure smooth make-up applications on smooth skin.

Recently I was introduced to Mario Bedescu skin care line and I fell in love with the non-oily creamy textures. Mario Badescu is very popular for his personalized skin care and acne treatments. Making each of his products unique and effective enough to notice improvement in very little time. As I get older and as much as I hate to admit it my skin requires more attention then it did a few years ago. Prior to this fabulous discovery I had been dealing with a combination of oily T-zones (yuck), patchy areas around the cheeks, and slight Rosacea. Also, around the cheek area. Something I had never experience before, and will admit it was very stressful in finding a solution to my recent skin condition; which, I considered a total nightmare. Especially because make-up is so important to me.

The products I’m using from his line are the Seaweed Night Cream made for all skin types. It has very little to almost no over powering scent. It’s very hydrating without leaving oily residues behind. I’ve been using it every night, and almost every day when I’m not wearing any make-up. In the short amount of time that I’ve been using it my skin feels tighter, refreshed, and has even helped minimize the appearance of a little redness I had been noticing. This product is not tested on animals and is $20.00

The Collagen Moisturizer with SPF 15 is another one that I have been using during the day, and on my clients. It’s very light, scent less, and hydrating. Perfect for everyday wear and is priced at $22.00

His products are available at Naimie’s Beauty Supply and

Considering all other very expensive cosmetic skin care lines, I find this product to be very reasonably priced.