Mac Cosmetics hosted an amazing mixer on June 21, 2011. I couldn’t have chosen a better location if it were left up to me. It took place at the Paramount Studios on Melrose Ave. It’s so LA but so right! LOL!

The body makeup was simply amazing.

The whole set up made for perfect conversation among fellow makeup artist, and those you just met while trying to take a picture of these amazing live statues.

These two were quite the couple. They looked a little pink if you ask me?

I had the pleasure in attending this fun event with an old, fabulous, and makeup artist friend Vanessa Caroline. It would not have been the same with out her. We seem to know what were talking about without having to say a word. I’m sure many of you have a friend just like that.

A picture of Vanessa and I. I think I found the best lighting?

More of the cool live statues. How real do these guys look?

It seems the amazing body art was a good focal point of this event but who could have missed those amazing food trucks!
FrySmith was one of the popular ones. An hour long for some amazing chili fries BUT the wait was well worth it. When I got to the front it came to a huge surprise that the FRIES were free.

That's me in line. Ha ha..

My Rajas Fries... Well worth the wait. Check out their menu by clicking on this image.

There was an amazing bar serving Wine, Margaritas, beer, and many more yummy drinks. The music was great, playing a variety of music.

Overall I think it was a great event. I ended my evening or what a quickly called my “romantic date” with Vanessa Caroline, with some yummy Lake Street Creamery Ice Cream and more pictures.

Dougnut and Cup of Joe flavor. Delicious!

I hope he had some serious SPF?

Perfect! I loved this one!

All the LIVE STATUES did an amazing job!

Stay tuned for more blogs on upcoming events around IMATS 2011.

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