Is Hot Yoga for you?

You’ll have to take a class to find out! I’m here to share with you my personal experiences with hot yoga and how much my life quality has improved. There are may  opinions when it comes to “hot yoga” formally known as Bikram Yoga.


If you are new to the practice, you’ll want to keep in mind that you are new, and the main focus is to clear your mind through the intense breathing exercise. Exercise is known to be a skincare essential. Hot Yoga helps raise the heart rate in attempts to hold new “yoga poses”, as you learn to control your breathing, you’ll also increase blood flow. Increasing blood flow brings more oxygen to the skin, and cleanses impurities through sweat.

sweaty yogi

As a beginner to any yoga class, remind yourself this is a place of zen, there is no need for competition in a Bikram-yoga studio. No need to be a contortionist either to maximize your “Detoxification” goals. The main objective is to stay focused and not think about how much longer till the class ends, and really become in-tuned with your body. You’ll learn how important having control of your mind really is. In a hot yoga class there are no cell phones, or the thought of taking a “workout Selfie” you are drenched in sweat within the first 20mins of attending a class.


There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes over you, when the yoga instructor starts to “cool down”.  You’ve made it, 90mins of hot yoga. Your clothes is now soaking in sweat, all those toxins you just flushed out. You now feel amazing, and are more cautious over what you put back into your body.

I usually re-hydrate with coconut water, or sparkling water.

Hydration is hydration….

You definitely want to hydrate as much as possible before and after class. H20 is definitely the best liquid for hydration.

juice-cc Liquid Lunch

What to wear?

You definitely want to wear something comfortable, giving your body support, and cotton fresh material to help adsorb moisture.

LW2545S_020350_2Lululemon active wear has been a favorite among veteran Yogi’s.

The material is comfortable, the attire provides the body with the right amount of support, the designs are easy on the eye, and the material is designed to absorb moisture.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my “hot yoga” introduction. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate in emailing me directly at

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