Cleaning tips for your leather brush belts & matte cosmetic cases

For a professional makeup artist it is extremely important to show up to a makeup job of any kind with a clean makeup kit.  This would include your makeup case, product containers, makeup palettes, and your makeup brushes of course . However, it seems that one popular tool holder like your Makeup Brush Belt, sometimes doesn’t look as clean even after it’s been wiped down. I’ve been on many jobs where I’ve wiped down my belt and it looked aged, just not attractive at all.

It makes no sense to me to have clean makeup brushes stored in a dirty Makeup Brush Belt.

What your brush belt shouldn't look like 🙂

It’s easier to keep a non-leather belt cleaner since usually the products can be easily wiped off with antibacterial wipes.

However, a leather Makeup Brush Belt seems to be a better investment, and will last longer. It can be just as easy to clean by using these products and simple steps.

How to clean your Leather Brush Belts & cosmetic cases:

You’ll  need paper towels or a clean cloth, Precleanse or any facial cleansing oil, and some brush cleaner poured in a spritz bottle.

Visual of items you'll need. Precleanse, Brush Cleaner, Spritz bottle, and towel paper.











Begin by removing all makeup brushes from brush belt, and pouring brush cleanser in to spritz bottle.

  1. Spray brush belt & wipe off all product from brush belt, and any visible smudges.
  2. Make sure to get in between all sewed areas, and brush pockets.
  3. To restore shine Precleanse or any cleansing oils work just as great.


Makeup Palettes & Cosmetic Containers that can benefit from this technique:

The results after using this cleaning method.

Matte and Shiny Foundation Palettes

Before & After using this cleaning method

Matte Brush Holders






You may also try this on the inside of most makeup trains and cases. I had the hardest time cleaning the inside of my MAC box for years because it was leather, and I was using windex & other house hold cleaners. The brush cleaners are formulated to remove all these types of products that end up on your makeup tools, and holders. The precleanse or other facial cleansing oils work just as well because they were also designed to remove oils and makeup debris from the face.

I will end this post which I hope you found helpful with a YouTube video by Michelle Phan

She is showing us how to safely clean our makeup brushes, using a costly effective way.

I just put in an order for these amazing Brush Guards. Don’t they look amazing?

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