The Ultimate Makeup Removing Cleanse.

Below you'll find a step by step blog. Listing all steps & products to acheive this spa like cleanse at home.

This cleanse would be ideal for removing camera ready makeup, red carpet makeup, theater makeup, Halloween makeup, and any other heavy type of makeup that might have taken you over an hour to apply.

You’d want to begin with clean hands, and a few pumps from your favorite oil cleanser.

My current favorite oil cleanser would be NORIKO cleansing oil. It conveniently works as both  a cleanser and makeup remover. The amazing citrus sent comes from all the infused anti-oxidants, and rice bran oils.

NORIKO cleansing oil and makeup remover. $29.00

After taking a few pumps on to your clean hands, warm up the product with the palms of your hands and begin to massage it all over your face and neck.  Massage with just the oil and no water for about a minute to make sure all the makeup is broken down. Then you’d want to take some water to help create a milky consistency with the oil cleanser, and continue to work it in for another minute. Finish this first step by rinsing with warm and clean water. Gently pat off excess water with a clean, and soft towel.

Since heavy makeup can be very stubborn to remove with  just one cleanse, will be working with a second “main” cleanse as well.

For the main cleanse you want to pick a gentle, and soothing type of a cleanser designed for all skin types. Since you are investing more time on cleansing this skin. It would be best to use all gentle and soothing products.

Anything harsh for this type of cleanse can cause skin burns, and irritations.

A great calming cleanser would be dermatological ultracalming cleanser.

UltraCalming Cleanse by Dermalogica. For additional information click on image.


This is a gentle pH-balanced gel/cream cleanser that helps minimize discomfort and any possible irritations.

After the main cleanse is complete, your face should feel very light, refreshed, and soft. Pat dry your face dry very gently after both cleanses. Make sure your towel is clean and soft.


The third step to the Ultimate Makeup Removing Cleanse would be  a toner. You can use any kind of a gentle toner you may have. Rose water works great, and I would like to recommend products by Dream Organics.

Dream Organics Rose Water $18.00 also available in Lavendar. Click on image for all DO products.

They have two amazing misters, Rose water and lavender that would be perfect for the third step of this cleanse.

Another great toner that I have been using and has been giving me amazing results would be multi-active toner by dermalogica . I like to use toners that come in a misting bottle form for this particular cleanse. Apply a toner right after any cleanse. This allows your skin to really absorb the moisturizer you’ll be applying.

In my case I like apply two moisturizers or a heavy one before going to bed.

Active Moist is another great product from dermalogica. It’s very light, and absorbed quickly after applying the toner. I let it sit for several minutes while I pick up all the products I’ve used, and dried off my bathroom coutner tops.

Trying to stay productive while I pamper myself. 🙂

Once several minutes have gone by, and my cleansing area is clean I apply MARIO BADESCU COLLAGEN MOSITURIZER.

Active Moist. Click image for further details on product.


My face always feels like I just left the spa, extremely clean and refreshed. When you wake up, your skin will look softer.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and enjoy the results from this cleanse.

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