Here are some great products for concealing the darkest under eye circles.  Most of the time you’ll need a combination of two or more concealers in different tones and textures to get the best results and be picture perfect face  for your special day.

I’ve mentioned 3 of the top concealers preferred by professional make up artist.

First and foremost. ALWAYS! Start with a clean and moisturized face. Primers are also recommended. I will make a list of the top primers and moisturizers on my next post.

1. Make up forever 5 camoflage Palette Cream with 5 different tones perfect for mixing to help achieve the perfect match. Reasonably priced at $36.00 considering you’re getting 5 different shades.

2. Make up Forever Lifting Concealer perfect for the top layer before setting with loose powder. This final concealer layer will even out with the rest of your foundation. The price for this concealer $22.00

3. The best concealer recommended by Kim Kardashian’s Make up Artist Mario Dedivanovic is Krayolan Derma Mini Camouflage Creme Palette-Beauty Tech $30.00

This jewel is not easy to find at your local beauty stores. You may order it on line at WWW.Kryolan.COM or

Since this product is not easy to find unless you shop on line but if you don’t have patience to wait for this to come in the mail, the Make Up forever 5 Camouflage palette is easily found where ever Make Up Forever is sold.

4. The final step! Laura Mercier loose setting powder or translucent powder to set the concealer since it is an oil based and will create crease if not set properly. This powder is priced at $34.00 it may be pricey for a setting powder but it will be a perfect finish that won’t leave your under eyes looking to white or cakey.

For the best setting set with a foundation brush.

All of these wonderful products are not recommended for an every day routine as it may be exhausting. However, if you are planning do to your own make up for your wedding or photo shoot these are highly recommended steps and products.

For a full tutorial on all these steps YOUTUBE

Makeup with Mario (Part 3) step 7 on the Kim Kardashian Vegas Look.

The best recommendation is not to try this the day of your wedding, Photo Shoot, or special occasion. Do it on a night you’re going to stay in so you have time to practice it and perfect this make up routine. It’s very easy to go wrong with all these steps and products, you don’t want to look like a clown. Practice makes perfect, so try it out a few days before.

Hope this information was helpful to you.

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