In this day and age of ever evolving & always on live social media, it comes as no surprise that we are all fascinated by a little “behind the scenes” action (or as the cool kids call it: #BTS). Thanks to social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat, sharing these behind the curtain peeks has never been easier; But how much is too much?

Well, this all depends on what you are trying to promote and how much of your craft you wish to reveal; In the world of of luxury, mystery gets top billing. Specifically, the aspect of exclusivity that mystery creates is what sells most in the cosmetic surgery world. That very mysterious sense of exclusivity that only you or your elite social group are entitled to is, quite frankly, priceless. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like being part of a private, members only club?

SOHO House and Vertu are known for being expensive, as they are known for being exclusive. With that said, would they be so exclusive if you can see what their clients or staff are doing in their respective establishments? No, I didn’t think so. The privacy of these elite services, as well as yours, is their priority. Part of the magic is enlisting prestigious services to cater to your every whim, without seeing all the ugly gears turning behind the curtain and with your privacy intact.

As the internet continues to mature, social media is becoming more and more commonplace in our everyday lives. Individuals are turning to online sources for healthcare information, marketing initiatives to announcing events. Some people use the internet to provide their audience with educational material regarding health research, healthcare tips and new breakthroughs in the medical world.

Physicians are starting to fully embrace social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram need understand the new technology at their disposal. Specifically, these physicians need to learn the limitations of these constantly shifting social media platforms by remaining professional. Once these online savvy physicians understand the rules of social media, they can help foster and the growth of their surgical practices.


It’s becoming more commonplace for physicians to transition into paperless note taking, intake forms, patient consent forms and even patient files. Paperless offices usually run efficiently, creating a comfortable workflow on even the busiest patient days. Another common practice for physician offices is for the office to blend both traditional paper and electronic paperless formats. The office will hand the patient a hard copy of a form for them to read over before clicking the mouse or tapping a stylus on a pad.

When having any type of cosmetic procedure, be it as an inpatient or outpatient, it is necessary for the physician to take before and after photographs for comparison reasons. The physician will also keep the photos in the patient’s file to use as a reference for any future follow up appointments, including any possible additional surgeries

The before/after photographs your physician takes can be opted out by signing a waiver. It is however, recommended that you take these photographs so you can compare and fully see the results of your procedure (after the full healing time has passed, of course). Most procedures take around three months for all the swelling and bruising to subside.

Most physicians will ask on your patient consent forms, if you would like to share your photos for educational purposes. Patient before and after photos are compiled into an album so potential new patients can fully see the physician’s craft; The patient’s name is blurred to protect their privacy.

If your physician’s office has a Snapchat account, it may be possible your procedure may be viewed without your consent. This unauthorized viewing of your procedure is due to a rising trend in using Snapchat as a fast and easy way to share behind the scenes clips with the office’s patients in order to promote procedures. Overly exposing behind the scenes footage can sometimes cause patients to lose interest in purchasing procedure involving a doctor who uses Snapchat to advertise. Patients are sometimes offered a discount on their procedure in exchange for permission to film/share footage of their surgery or to be placed into the “Media List”. To be fully informed on your patient privacy laws, be sure to read up on The HIPAA Privacy Law.


Above is an example of a professional way to share educational patient behind the scenes video. The clip is filmed by a professional crew and in the most conservative way. The camerawork gives potential patients and their public audience just the right amount of behind the scene preview, without being excessive. Video showing is of Dr. Jason Diamond‘s closed rhinoplasty procedure on E! Entertainment for Dr. 90210

Dr. Sejal M. Patel has an amazing social media platform that showcases amazing before and after photos of his work. The procedure results are so impressive, his patients are excited to be featured on his Instagram page! Dr. Patel’s instagram is: @drsejmd

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