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Makeup Contouring for the face has been around for decades. Specifically intended for film, and photography. The goal to highlight desired facial features, and shade those not so desirable.

These now very famous makeup techniques have been made a casual part of every day makeup routines by these two famous celebrities.

And of course! Kim K extremely popular for full face contouring.

The late Marilyn Monroe was known for nose contouring.











These techniques may seem a bit complicated but when you find the technique that works for you, you’ll be able to include it into your beauty routine in no time. I don’t recommend a full faced makeup contouring for everyday, as it is intended for more serious productions, and red carpets due to the special photography lighting.

I do recommend experimenting a bit, and figuring out which facial feature of yours can benefit from these neat makeup techniques.

In my case, I often contour my nose. Years of trying different techniques, and products to make my nose appear naturally slimmer. I think I found the perfect technique, tools, and products. Simple steps, easy to follow, and may work for you. The three products I will be listing are simply the ones I fell in love with, and use daily. You are free to use whatever you have, and are similar to what I have shown below.

Sonia Kashuk 5pc Brush set only $14.99 available at Target.

I have purchased a few sets of Sonia Kashuk brushes from Target, just to try out, and have extra brushes but I fell in love with a particular brush from her sets. The Pointed Blending Brush located 2nd to the left from the picture shown above.

This brush is perfect for blending cream products on the side bridge of the nose, nostrils, and concealer under neath the eyes. The bristles are soft, and slightly pointed at the tip. Perfect for blending around small areas.


Bobbi Brown foundation sticks are amazing for contouring. $41.00 available at most department stores, and online.

Bobbi Brown foundation sticks are simply amazing. Smooth, and the coverage is simply flawless! Although, I haven’t tried any of the foundation stick for full face coverage, other than darker and light shades for contouring or highlighting. This is a product that both my personal, and professional beauty kits can not be with out. I use Warm Walnut #16 almost daily for subtle nose contour, and occasional cheeks.

Yves Saint Laurent highlighting pens. $40.00 Available at most department stores, Sephora, and online.

Having all necessary tools, and products at hand. I begin with my contour placement (Darker foundation sticks) around my nostrils. Because I’m mostly concerned with my nostrils I create a wide shaped horse shoe. This step is usually once I’m about to complete my entire makeup application.

Excuse me miss. There's some brown stuff on your nose.

Once you have placed your darker shade, pick up a fluffy, slightly pointed blending brush and begin to blend upward.

Covering the top of the nose while blending, helps keep shading in place.

Blend toward brows, and until hard edges are almost gone. You’ll want to use your highlighting pen till the very end. To ensure smooth shading I use an additional brush kabuki like brush. Perfect for smoothing out the nose area, under the eyes, and all over the face really. It’s extremely soft, and will only help the setting process of any makeup.

Bedlliums has amazing, and affordable brushes. This one in #957 $14.52 is perfect for smoothing out makeup.

Once everything is smooth, take your highlighting pen or any concealer with a small tipped brush. Create a fine line, and smooth.

The fine line on the nose shown on face chart, is the amount of highlight needed.

Seems like a lot of work but it’s a matter of minutes. Just time to get used to, and figuring out what you’d like to have slimmed or highlighting. It makes all the difference, and can really glam up any natural looking makeup.

Happy Slimming 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this post.

All products shown are linkable.

For questions or comments, please feel free to email me at audrey@beautybyaudrey.com

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