With flawless skin at the top of my list of priorities when it comes to makeup applications. I couldn’t agree more with the saying of “less is more”.

When I first started to apply makeup I didn’t need as much makeup as I feel I need today. However, I would put on way more than I needed. Foundation first, Concealer second, and studio fix like powder last. That’s 3 layers of HEAVY with absolutely no need.

Ideally! No makeup would be best for those of us that are lucky enough to not need any.

However, for those of us that do. It would be a good idea to start with a clean and moisturized face. The first type of makeup you’d want to apply would be concealer. Beginning with concealer at the inner corner of the eye, and continuing underneath the eye. Will already start to make a difference by lifting the eye, and concealing the dark circles. Using this technique will prevent the horrific WHITE under eye blotches we see in many pictures taken with flash. The trick in preventing those white blotches is to use a shade darker concealer and not lighter. You want to keep the lighter shade near the temple areas of the eyes. That will make for a perfect highlight.

Picture taken from Bobbi Brown Makeup manual. To shop BB prodcuts click on image.

If you purchase BOBBI BROWNS MAKEUP MANUAL she has excellent step by step directions, and pictures to help understand & learn this technique.

Her technique keeps makeup simple, easy, and not so time consuming. As you’re building after this step, you may need less product than you thought you originally needed.

Definitely a great book to understand the foundation of makeup.


After using concealer you’ll want to apply sheer or cream foundation to the areas needed.

To keep from cakey makeup a translucent powder is perfect for setting the makeup, and stay shine free. This will allow the face to still feel fresh and light after a full makeup application.

A lot of press powders that most individuals use to set their makeup with have foundation in them. After setting makeup with colored press powders your natural oils may come through. This can change the appearance of your makeup. The natural oils can sometimes darken the powder, and will create dirty looking skin.

If you opt for a press powder that has foundation or color in it. It would be best to be very strategic with placement. Lightly applying on the T-zone with a brush.

Here is a picture showing you the Tzone of the face. This is the area you want to lightly dust with powder.

Here is a list of my top 3 picks for Translucent Powder.

At the top of my list is MAKEUP FOREVER HD Micro Finish powder. It’s a very light mineral silica powder. It goes on very sheer, sets your makeup without changing the color . Leaving the skin looking fresh, and shine free for hours.

Available at sephora and most beauty stores for $30

Second on my list:

SmashBox High Definition Micro Powder with SPF 15.
This is a great translucent powder that goes the extra mile by adding SPF into the powder. Also very light and sheer. It also comes in a travel size tube with dual finish. With a couple twist on the tube you have a matte finish or luminous for an added glow. Keep the dial in the middle and you have a fair balance of the both powders. The tube comes with an attached brush, making it perfect for touch ups on the go.

Available at Sephora. To shop Sephora products click on image.

Smashbox Dual powders. Perfect for touch ups on the go. Fits perfectly in most clutch purses.

Both powders available at Sephora for about $30 bucks each.
Finally! Last but never the least on my list 🙂

MAC NC5 Translucent powder

For those that need a little color in their life? 🙂
MAC NC5 has the slightest tint of color and does just as great of a job that the other translucent powders do. The trick is to apply this powders very lightly with a small brush.

My favorite small brush. #165 from MAC

I can never have enough of these little brushes. My favorite for all over the face. These are great for the smaller and narrower part of the faces. Great for under eyes, over lids, and around the nose. I love.. Love.. LOVE this brush 🙂

Hope you found this information helpful.

For questions or comments, please don’t hesitate in emailing me at audrey@beautybyaudrey.com

Have a fabulous weekend.

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