What’s in your over weekend bag for this long 4th of July weekend?

I know I have Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in my weekend bag.

My all time favorite product.

This amazing product is water resistant, and I say perfect for this weekends pool parties over the 4th of July weekend. This is great for those legs that aren’t quite Summer ready 😉

The bottle is designed so you can airbrush it on to your legs. You still want to take your hands and work it on to the skin. It can get a bit messy as you apply the product, so I would apply it in an area that’s easy to clean up after.

You don’t have to stop at your legs. I’ve used it all over my body making sure it’s well blended. It’s the tan you always wanted in under 5mins, and under 15 dollars. Make sure you give it enough time to dry before putting on your clothes.

Available at most drug stores ranging from $11-$13.00

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