vip-girlfriend-shootHow fun is it to get dolled up, dress up and take a fabulous photo of yourself or your VIP friends.

If you own a smart phone it’s almost guaranteed we’ll find a handful of pictures of yourself and your best buds rocking the best threads and freshest faces. Right?

Ask yourself when were those photos taken and what was the occasion? It seems like most people only feel the need to look their best and documented their style on a special occasion. I’m not a professional model or do I plan to be but I often look forward to setting up photo shoots just for fun to celebrate myself. I think more adults should join in on this fun trend and not feel intimidated by what you see on the internet.

That’s the Beauty behind designing your very own Photo Shoot with our teams at La Beauty Guide.

avant-garde-bold-lipcreative-directorAre you recently divorced and find yourself back at the gym working out again looking better than ever? If yes? Then that’s a great reason for a photo shoot, to document your new revenge body and get that perfect photo for yourself and a couple extra instagram likes. Why not? You only live once.

audrey1Lets go back 11 years to my first photo shoot with Damir K. Owner of The Notion Studio.

audrey3I was 22 years young in these pictures, recently divorced and a mom of 1. Marriage and Children didn’t really pan out for me at such a young age but young or old a divorce will take its toll on anyone. It leaves us feeling confused and almost regretful even if you know in your heart it was the best decision. At that time I felt like I needed to compensate for my loss time of feeling young and sexy. I was a full time employee for a famous Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and raising a one year old between split custody.

So… I did some research for the perfect photographer keeping in mind I had always been obsessed with fashion and art. I was looking for a photographer that resembled the style of David LaChapelle within a reasonable budget for someone my age. As soon as I came across Damir’s work I was in love and called to book my photo shoot.

That first photo shoot changed my life and inspired my career as a makeup artist now turned beauty concierge and photo shoot creative director. I had so much fun playing model for the day. God bless all my unedited pictures I hope they are official lost archives.

The over all experience was what change my out look on life. I had some one professionally doing my hair and makeup, I was involved in the styling ideas and had so much fun in front of the camera. Damir made the shoot fun, which is important for someone who has never modeled before. I was so impressed by how different I looked after having my makeup applied by Val C owner of iconimage.net

Her work is truly amazing, I was so impressed by my makeup I enrolled myself into MUD Makeup School almost a year later. I fell in love with what went on behind the camera. In the end a great picture is produced by a great team and level of communication between the client (model) and the photographer.

img_20160722_182239Thinking back to some of my experiences with different photographers made me realize how much a lot of them lack genuine customer service, when working with real women. This further motivated me to create La Beauty Guide and help introduce the everyday woman to the world of makeup and photography since that’s what society is all about these days.

You don’t have to have 10k plus on Instagram to have a professional photo shoot or have millions of dollars to hire the right Beauty Team.


I used myself as the test dummy these past 10 years and have shot undercover with some of these top INSTAGRAM PHOTOGRAPHERS, paid full price and patiently waited for my for my finished product. I realized after my 3rd “professional photo shoot” it started to become a fast start up business this newly found “photo shoot industry”.

Men and women started investing in expensive cameras, learned how to edit photos and the rest of the loops on getting certain pictures published. After learning and confirming this cycle, I lost respect for the art, I felt cheated paying full price and waiting a ridiculous amount of time for photos after witnessing the same company post photos of girls photographed after me, almost a day after their shoots. It was confirmed that this now became a business and the true value of customer service in making a paying client feel right and happy is no longer a priority. I felt the opposite of pretty and happy after my edited photos, I felt cheap and cheated. In my mind I kept thinking “I get it, I’m old” “I get it,  I’m not a 50k plus IG MODEL”.

With all this in mind, I committed myself to learn every aspect of the Beauty Industry. Learning as much about facial symmetry and all the different body shapes through my experience as a surgical consultant. I extended my training by learning about skin at the schools of Paul MitchelI after graduating makeup school. I want to share as much beauty knowledge gained from my experiences as a surgical consultant, makeup artist, model, mom and dealing with beauty. Our goal is to fully inform all our beauty clients and future models.

It’s important to be reminded that you don’t need to be famous or have a million bucks to hire the a professional beauty team and photographer, for your perfect picture.


La Beauty Guide promises to make all our clients feel like a million bucks on the day of your photo shoot and the day you receive your photos in a timely fashion.


Here are some of our first Photo Shoot Productions.

applying makeupLA Kings

creative-directingLa Beauty Guide’s First produced photo shoot modeled By: Celebrity Makeup Artist Eileen Sandoval

me-and-juliana-photo-shootOne of my all time favorite photo shoot experiences. My first photo shoot with my daughter shot by Michael Vincent.

mv-jaystas-shootWe’ve help produce shoots for brand building and Plastic Surgeons Portfolio’s.

crazy lipsbrand-building-portfolioplastic-surgeon-portfoliolabg-slider-9If you are interested in setting up a photo shoot of your own. Please take a moment and fill out our contact form below.

Lets begin designing your shoot. We promise to team you up with the best beauty team and photographers for your custom photo shoot.

 ryan-dwayerPhotographer Ryan Dwyerla-beauty-2img_2868Makeup and Hair By Celebrity Makeup Artist  Jazelle Morales[contact-form-7 id=”6880″ title=”Contact form 1″]

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