Hello ladies… and men that might follow me and my make-up tips.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend and are enjoying this fabulous fall weather.

I’ve gathered some information on moisturizers and primers I thought may be helpful to many of you.

As a reminder: A clean, soft and smooth face is essential for applying a beautiful and flawless make-up.  In order to achieve that it does require a little work. As we all know the best kept beauty secrets are ones we don’t always tend to follow.. REST, DIET, and lots of WATER.

In addition moisturizers and primers will also help achieve these results for a soft and smooth face. The moisturizers and primer will create a layer on your face to help nourish your skin with the healthy ingredients many moisturizers offer. There is often a confusion when it comes to moisturizers because there are so many that are offered for all types of skin, Day, Night, some with or without Sunscreen. Truth is your skin doesn’t really know how to tell the difference if it’s day or night. My best advice is to chose a product that moisturizes your skin best. In my case I prefer to use Night creams mixed in with a cream that has sunscreen. At the moment I’m currently using Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion
reasonably priced at $24.00 a lotion designed for both night and day. I mix it in with a little bit of Aveeno positively ageless lifting and firming daily moisturizer with an SPF 30 which cost about $17.00.

As you apply the moisturizers and or primers you want to use a massage method to help firm up facial muscles that will help the face appear to be rested and refreshed.

Primers are not necessary for a flawless make up but highly recommended as it will help with smoothing the skin, reduce the appearance fine lines and pores. Most primer will also help brighten the face and can easily be worn alone. The best part of using a primer is that it will ensure a long lasting make up for hours. The primer of choice for me is “that gal” by benefit the price for this primer $28.00

Also Bobbi Brown has an excellent skin care line that are designed to prep the skin for make up. One of my favorites would have to be Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base priced at $50.00.  This may seem a bit pricey but taking into consideration that this one product with moisturize and prime your face it’s almost like you’re getting 2 for the price of 1.

Hope this information has been helpful to you. It may seem like a lot but these simple steps after cleansing your face will help with a flawless make up application. It’s a protective layer over your face and under your make up. Make up is easiest to remove when prepared in these steps mentioned.

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