We’ve all heard about “mommy makeovers” but no one really talks about all the up keep it takes to look your best at 40. Naturally gravity will take place and we can notice our skin to lose tightness, possible hair loss, change in skin texture and your breast might be in need of a lift. 

All though aging should be considered a privilege it still may be depressing to experience so many changes with ourselves related to how we look and how we feel.

Undergoing a mid-age makeover through plastic surgery is a personal decision. It’s important to thoroughly research procedures, consult with qualified surgeons, and consider potential risks and benefits before making any decisions.

The top cosmetic surgeries are breast reduction, breast lifts, liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck, and facelift. Some procedures can be done combined and others would have to be done separately.

I am happy to share plastic surgeon recommendaions that specialize in cosmetic procedures that can help you reverse some signs of aging. Erase a Decade from Your Appearance.

You definitely want to start out with procedures that will help rejuvenate the face first.

It would be ideal to begin with your smile. A beautiful smile is key to looking healthy, beautiful and youthful. Celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Laurence Rifkin has over 30 years in designing the most natural and beautiful looking veneers. His office is located in Beverly Hills and has its own onsite laboratory.

Next on your surgical list might be some facial work. Common facial procedures to consider in your 40’s might be a chin augmentation, buccal fat removal, rhinoplasty, brow lifts, lip lifts, neck and facelifts. Dr. Marc Mani is an amazing plastic surgeon that specializes in facial rejuvenation surgical procedures.

As we age we may also experience hair loss and notice that our hair line begins to recede. A great friend of mine had a hair transplant done with Dr. Pak and she looks amazing. You can only imagine how happy she is with her results.

I’ve seen so many incredible before and afters. I highly recommend Dr. Jae Pak

You may check out his website and info by clicking the link below.


For all skin concerns I like to suggest a consultation with my favorite and most amazing dermatologist.

Dr. Bashey has done wonders for my skin. He offers many wonderful procedures and products that will keep your skin looking healthy, young and beautiful. He has an office in New York and two in California, one of them being in Beverly Hills where he sees patients on the weekends. His offices have all the latest in technology and products that will have your skin looking younger and brighter.

When we turn 40 we might want perkier and fuller breast. Whether it be an augmentation or a lift, I have the right surgeon for you. Dr. Steven Svehlak

Here is an amazing before and after of a beautiful breast augmentation by Dr. Svehlak

When it comes to our bodies there are different surgeries you might be interested to get the body you’ve always wanted at any age. Liposuction is a fairly common cosmetic procedure. The popularity of liposuction has increased over the years, and many people consider it to address localized areas of stubborn fat. Dr.Timothy Katzen specializes in liposuction and body lifts including tummy tucks and anywhere on the body where you may have loose skin.

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful from head to toe. La Beauty Guide understand how some of us may have issues with our feet. Dr. Paul Brody is an excellent Podiatrist that specializes in foot surgery. He’s sure to get your toes cute and dainty for all your favorite strappy sandals.

We take great pride in sharing our network of beauty professionals that we’ve been working with for over 15 years. I feel confident that any of these recommendations will help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Did you know there is even surgery that can rejuvenate your lady parts. These procedures can help tighten vaginal walls, strength pelvic muscles and aesthetically improve the appearance of your labias minor and majora.

If you would like to schedule a consultation, I will be more than happy to coordinate any necessary appointments for you. Please feel free to send me a DM or fill out our contact form on our home page.

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