Make up Maintenance.

Make up is like everything else and requires TLC of it’s own in order to continue help us look our best. Make-up and the tools we use can easily collect bacteria and all cosmetics have an expiration date. Which need to be thrown out if the expiration date has reach it’s time. Our face is very delicate and can react very badly if exposed to some of this bacteria. Here is a list of some cosmetics and its expiration date to help you keep in mind what you want to keep and what you may want to throw out.

Cosmetics and their typical expiration dates:

Liquid Foundation: 2 Years
Concealer: 2years
Powders: 2 years
Mascara: 6 months
Lipsticks: 12 to 18 months
Lip and Eye pencils: 12 to 18 months
Eye Shadow: 2 years
Powder blush: 2 years
Cream Blush: 2 years
Moisturizer: 2 years
Eye Cream: 6 months
Sunscreen: 2 years
Face Cream: 2 years

Brush Care:

A good set of brushes will last several years if they’re well cared for. Wash with good quality shampoo at least twice or once a month trying your best not to wet the base of the bristles. The will minimize the chance of losing bristles when applying product. Use spray brush cleaner for a quick cleaning between shampoo washes. Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner at 32.00 for the large bottle is probably one of the best investments for your brushes care. If the brush cleaner is used in moderation it will last you months.


It would probably be best to continuously purchase disposable sponges but may also be more expensive in the long run. For best make up applications it’s a good idea to moisten the sponge and squeeze out any excess water for a smooth application. Beauty Blenders at $16.65 sold at most beauty stores are a great investment for your make up kit. They are good quality sponge in the shape of an egg for easiest blending of different areas on the face. They are re-useable simply by washing after every few applications.

Powder puffs:

Powder puffs are great for setting powder as you press it in and blending to smooth down caked on make up. Most are also disposable but you may also purchase better quality sponges and hand wash to reuse.

Examine all contents of your make-up kits. Make sure all edges of containers are wiped down. A mini spray bottle with 99% alcohol is a good idea to keep handy to help minimize the chance of bacteria growth on your products. Make up wipes are good for wiping down cream products. When lipstick caps are lost, scoop out remanding product and transfer into a palette. Japonesque Palettes would be ideal normally priced at about $16.00.

All lip liners and eyeliners without caps are best kept in a zip lock bags to prevent bacteria from forming at the tips. Sharpen before every use to ensure a fresh layer of product to be applied. Broken powders and shadows are most of the time irreparable. However, I’ve learned that with patience and MAC Fix spray at about $18.99, and a flat smooth end of a brush may be able to help repair some of your favorite shadows or powders. But if that doesn’t work, you may have to dispose of them.

Hope you found this information helpful. Most of the information was shared with you from the BOBBI BROWN MAKEUP MANUAL. A great make-up reference book to have

I’ve inserted some pictures of products I’ve mentioned in this blog.

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