We’ve all feared the inevitable moment when our favorite eye shadows or any other press powder falls, and breaks. I’m sure it has happened to a lot of us and at one time or another, and had no other choice but to throw it away. I’ve tried to keep broken shadows for as long as I could but often ended up with a bigger mess in my make up bag or box. Because I go through product so much, I really needed to find away to save those broken shadows to save me some money.

Here is a helpful tip to help you save your broken shadows.

Tools you’ll need:

Type of rounded end needed.

Paper Towel, MAC FIX Spray, 2 Make up brushes with a rounded end, antibacterial wipes (picture not shown) but any wipes will do.

First I begin by wiping all the excess pigment from around the container, so that it’s easiest to collect all the necessary shadow back into the container. I then set towel paper on a flat surface, find two different Make Up Brushes with rounded bottoms. I use a #217 MAC blending brush, and #920 MUD brush because the ends are perfect sizes for this project. The #217 is a little chubbier at the end perfect for smashing the pigment together, and the #920 has a finer end perfect for the rims of the container.

After I lay a few sheets of the towel paper, I spray some alcohol on the end of the brushes to help sanitize them. I begin with the end of #217 to help bring the loose pigments together by pressing into the center first. After the first couple of press spray some of the MAC Fix spray to add moisture so that the loose pigments starts to bind together. This process requires a little patience while gently pressing together the broken shadow, so it become whole again. You need few sprays in between crushing you don’t want a muddy situation.

Once the center is pretty much together you’ll notice that the rims of the container isn’t as neat as the center. For that you’ll want to use the #920 brush or any other brush end that is fine and has been rubbed with alcohol. The smaller brush will help smooth out the edges very nicely.

What it should be looking like before smoothing the edges.

Using the #920 MUD brush.

Smoothing out the rim.

This is what the end result should look like. Not the as flat as when you first bought it but much better than a broken mess.

If you want to take this to the next level and accomplish an even smoother surface? You may cut out a small square of cloth (clean t-shirt), wrap it around a nickel or quarter that has been dipped in alcohol. Make sure once the quarter or nickel is wrapped with the cloth check that it’s damped and not soaking. Once you’ve confirmed it’s damp pressed it against the already flatten surface of the eye shadow.

Let the eye shadow dry for at least two hours, and your ready to use your shadow once again.

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