With plastic surgery on the rise, so many new procedures, all the media attention it’s been getting, and most importantly all these plastic surgeons?? How do you which surgeon is right for you? How do you know if you’re even a candidate for the procedure you are interested in having done?

So many questions will come to mind when you’ve finally decided to have the procedure you’ve been longing for.

But the three top questions that would baffle me? Would be….. Where, who, and how much?

Where do I start my research, who do I book my procedure with, and how much is it going to cost me?

I’ve put together this mini guide on what to consider when picking your Plastic Surgeon as a blog based off of my 10year experience of working for several plastic surgeons.

Hopefully It can help with any questions you have in regards to plastic surgery.

While putting together this blog I did a little research and read other bloggers, and articles on plastic surgery. They all had something in common. They begin with the words death, and different traumatic stories that were in recent media when the blogs were posted. You definitely want to have a positive attitude when going into surgery, and not be frightened by articles you are reading with false truths, and unrelated facts.

If you’re healthy, under the age of 45, the surgeon you’ve elected has been in practice for years, has done over a hundred cases, and you’re having a reasonable amount of surgery? A procedure that is under 8hours? Then you should feel comfortable enough to follow through with your procedure.

If you are over the years of 45 and are healthy? Simply an EKG and a physical exam from your regular physician confirming that you are in good health. Should be fine too.

The first question I would ask myself if I were the one considering plastic surgery?

Who am I doing the procedure for? If the answer is not “me”? Then I’m not a candidate for any procedure. A procedure is not to be done because a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or friend influenced you to make such a drastic change?

Any kind of elective procedure needs to be for you, and you only. To make yourself feel better, and no one else. If they don’t love you before surgery, chances are they won’t love you after surgery. Love is unconditional and not because of the way you look.

Next question you want to ask is how much does it cost, and if you can afford it. I’ve seen many cases where patients have gone to extreme measures to finance a procedure. Which is none of my business but if it were me? After I get my procedure I want to enjoy my new look, and not be stressed out because I can’t afford to pay my bills.

After those questions you want to stay realistic through out this whole process. Plastic surgery is a surgical procedure to enhance your already existing beauty, and not a magic wand to make you look like your favorite celebrity.

Finally… Depending on which procedure you are interested in having done you’ll want to research some surgeons in your area that are most popular for the particular procedure you are interested in.

If they are popular in that particular procedure it shouldn’t be because they have the most patients, the best practice, the most media. It should be because they’ve been doing that procedure day in and day out for a great number of years. Doing something over and over again will only ensure that you’ll continuously get the best results. In other words practice makes perfect.

After finding the top surgeons specializing in the procedure you are electing?

I would then narrow down my choices by selecting the top 5 or 3 from your research venture, and set up a few consultations. Some consultation are complimentary and some have a fee. The fees can range anywhere from $150 to $500. That fee can later be used as your deposit if you decide to book your procedure with them. Don’t feel obligated to book if you paid the consult fee, and you don’t feel comfortable after your consultation. Surgery is like a permanent outfit. If you didn’t like it in the store, you won’t love it when you get home.

A consultation is extremely helpful in making your decision.
They can be done in office, and now via phone and skype. If you have the ability to do in office consultation? Go for an in office consultation. It will give you an opportunity to see the office, the staff, the surgery center, and meet with the doctor in person. It is important to build a mini relationship with your doctor. You want to feel comfortable with him or her.

The beautiful and comfortable waiting area at the Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center. Click on image to view facility.

For many who are considering a cosmetic procedure? It’s most likely going to be something you’ve been saving money for, and time you will have to take off from work. Which is why you want to make sure that your entire experience is pleasant from beginning to end.

After you’ve met with the doctor, and had an exam to confirm diagnosis. You should have all questions answered in regards to your possible procedure. The doctor will have a consultant go over the possible procedure with you, and the cost of it all.

There are many things to take into consideration when receiving your quote.

If you’re having liposuction? You’ll want to know how many areas of lipo, and the size of the areas? This will determine how long the procedure will take in the operating room. The longer the procedure is… Chances are the more expensive you’re procedure will be.
The surgeon has to pay for an operating room which will include staff, and an anesthesiologist. These are charged at an hourly rate to the surgeon, and the patient pays the surgeon fees included in the over all quote.

Sometimes if you do a combined procedure? For example: Breast Implants, and liposuction. Liposuction, and a fat transfer to the buttocks. Rhinoplasty & Liposuction. You can actually be saving money.
How will you be saving?
Because both procedures will be done at the same time. Operating room and anesthesiologist get paid once. Rather than two separate visits for each procedure.

If you’re having a lot of procedures for two little? Then there might be a red flag, and you’d want to ask questions.

Anesthesia is possibly the most frightening part of surgery for most? I am here to assure you that there is nothing to worry about. Many top surgeons have been working for the same anesthesiologist for a many years. The surgical team they’ve put together are almost like a little family. Doing the same procedures day in and day out. The anesthesiologist are there to help ensure that you are most comfortable through out the entire process. It’s okay to be nervous it is only nervous.
The anesthesiologist is available to answer any questions that may be concerning you pre and post surgery.

Confirm all cost and what will be included with what you’ve been quoted.

A final quote should be inclusive of pre and post operative appointments, garments, and anesthesiologist, surgeons fees, and operating room fees. Make sure there will be no hidden cost.

What you can expect to not be included are any prescriptions, and lab work that need to be done.

You will need to do lab work to make you sure you are healthy enough to have a procedure.

Finally.. After deciding which surgeon you will be going with.? It will be a good idea to establish a good relationship with the staff. The staff is very well trained, and can help answer most pre and post operative questions. The staff are usually the ones asking all the questions from patients to the doctor, while the doctor is in surgery, or assisting other patients.

Often you can expect to have follow up visits with another physician or registered nurse that has been working with the doctor for many years. These systems are developed only to ensure that all patients get the quality care they deserve. Just like the doctor performing the procedure the assistant physician and registered nurse doing follow ups are very familiar with all procedures. They’ve seen them day in and day out, making them qualified to do post operative follow ups.

The number one goal for top surgeons to ensure returning patients is that all patients are not only happy with the results, but happy with the over all experience.

Hope you found this blog helpful.

For questions and comments, please feel free to email me at Audrey@beautybyaudrey.com

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