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This Blog title may not apply to me, however; I am happy to share my aspiring fitness goals, and newly learned healthier eating habits in hopes to help improve your over all quality of life through healthy motivation.

You may be interested in these time saving tips if you are recently engaged, or just had a baby, and would like ideas on how to transition into a healthier, and exciting new lifestyle for yourself, and your growing family.

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A Rejuvenated, Beautiful, and NEW You is just a healthier LIFESTYLE away. I will show you all my typical and daily meal plans, alongside  workout ideas that help get me out of the house (distract my mind), and introduce you to the latest of Hollywood’s Fitness Trends. Trends ranging from Active Wear, Nutrition, Supplements, and work out routines all the stars are currently raving about.

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Three cardinal rules in keeping your “Beauty Engine” Going…

  • Sleep
  • Eat well
  • Exercise

beauty-sleep5 to 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis, are essential as your whole skin and body go into “repair mode” when you are asleep.

Lack of sleep may result in blood vessels to dilate, further enhancing the look of “dark circles” under your eyes, and you’ll also note that your skin will begin to lose its luster.

First impressions are everything. It typically takes me close to 3hrs to get ready for a night out, or any special occasion that requires my most attention to detail, when it comes to putting myself together, and cleaning up for a night out in town. My excuse for always being late “Sorry, I was getting ready”.

“It may take me 3hrs to get ready but it takes less than ONE whole minute! To make a first impression”.

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Lets get started.

I’d like you to meet “ACE”.

Vitamins A, C, and E.

Vitamins A help prevent aging, C to promote clarity, and E to protect us against the environment.

BluePrint Juice Retail ProductsSince it sometimes takes me 3 hours to look like a person, after working insane hours, thinking up content for my next blog, and my next beauty venture. I like to be efficient with my time as much as possible, especially when it comes to meals. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner! If it’s a non-social, non-business, or I’m not with my daughter I try to opt for “Liquid Lunches“. It really cuts meal times by more than half of the time it takes the average person to consume a meal at any time of the day or evening. For more information on how to prepare your own juices check out 

If time is of essence and you don’t have time to purchase all the fruits and vegetables from your local grocery store, store them in your fridge, unpack them, rewash them, and put them through a bulky machine you’re gonna have to wash almost immediately. We all know if you let that machine sit, unwashed post juicing, it becomes a mission to clean off all the harden pulps from the fruits and veggies you just juiced. Come on people, we live in the 21st century. If you can afford a value meal at Jack and the Box, a grande latte at Starbucks, or a cocktail at 5pm. I’m sure 10 bucks or less for a juice that will instantly revive you, and make you feel amazing after consumption is worth every dollar. Added bonus, you don’t have to wash that bulky juicer.

It’s a modern day for a modern woman, time is everything. How do you value time, and how can we maximize it?


You may easily take in Vitamins that help you stay energized through out the day, like “A” and “C” by including more of the following in your daily diets:

  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • watercress
  • Broccoli
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Melons

Here are a few links to places I have ordered juice from before, and highly recommend. Great start for starting a detox-cleanse. has one of the best Juice Bars in town. Check the link for local listings near you. Packaged and uncooked juice that customizes meal plans, and delivers. another favorite juice bar, also sells packaged and uncooked juice for easy travel. Suja Juice is another favorite, and classic I opt for often. Available online, and most grocery stores.



Your body will thank you for taking in your vitamins through organic foods, or juices rather than pill form. Allowing the vitamins to go straight to work, in helping us battle dangerous health risk, and a healthy pursuit to healthier and happier lifestyle for you and your expanding families.


Don’t be fooled… We still need fat in our diets. Simply Healthier, and leaner types of fat. Certain “Fats” keep our skin supple, in addition to keeping our hair both shinny and soft.


Try  incorporating unsaturated fats into your diets such as olive oils, avocados, omega-3 fats commonly found in fatty fish, like salmon (yummy).

getty_rf_photo_of_salmon_dinnerOne of my usual meal options when dinning out, or I decide to cook at home and stick to my part time, pescetarian diet I opt for tuna, salmon or sea bass for a fattier protein. The photo above is a lightly grilled piece of organic salmon, grilled in olive oil, seasoned with salt, lemon, and pepper. Served over a bed of spinach salad, or lightly steamed kale. A side of brown rice, sliced tomatoes and avocado. A meal perfect for any lunch or dinner. Light, healthy, clean, and fulfilling.

The Thirst Is Real….

The importance of daily water consumption is crucial, as it is important to decrease your coffee or any other caffeinated drink intake. They are considered a diuretic and will remove water from the body. Water helps maximize the bodies, over all vitamin consumption.

Without sufficient H20 the body, including the skin cells can become dry and flaky, causing the face to prematurely aging.


Recent studies show that exercise actually improves concentration, lowers STRESS, enhances creativity, and over all makes us smarter individuals. Anything we can do to help moderate and potentially eliminate any kind of stress possible. Stress is the ultimate enemy, creating mental road blocks to a healthier lifestyle.


It is a true blessing living in California, 20 to 40 minutes away from the Mountains, City, and Beach. What more could we want? How about smog free, clean air? That will be the day, the movement is already happening with many of our commuiters going electric with their forms of transportation.


This is me, Audrey at the top of Runyon Canyon, one of Los Angeles most popular, and trendiest hiking trails in all of California. It’s one of my favorite place to come to when I want to change up my workout routine, restart my health kick, or rebuild endurance. Endurance is important to help us find balance, mediate through stressful times, and keep a steady heart rate through intensive cardio training.

photoThese stairs are the best part, you can really feel your legs on the incline of this trail, and the uneven wooden stairs keep the workout challenging as well as exciting. I tend to lose interest easily, which is why I try to fit in my weekly, and sometimes daily workouts outside or out of the ordinary. I switch it up with different hiking trails, stair trails, gyms, yoga studios, and I’m always willing to try out a new type of work out.

IMG_3156Stretching before and after work outs make a world of a difference allowing oxygen to really flow through your body, maximizing your muscles potential. Yoga and Ballet have done wonders for me, both mind, body, and soul. Naturally your body releases endorphins contributing to a healthy, and happier new you.

IMG_1441I don’t put unnecessary pressure on myself, I just eating in moderation, and try to fit in a good work out at least 4x’s a week to help stay in shape, minimize stress, and keep my heart healthy. Follow my blog, and instagram #LabeautyGuide @LabeautyGuide

Fitness GoalsFitness Goals of mine…. Motivational Picture found on click on link to start your own “Dream Boards” and follow mine for inspiration….

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