Always begin with clean skin.

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I’ve started this post with a variety of makeup applications you might request as a client this Halloween or apply as a Makeup Artist this Halloween 2015.

There is nothing more important than healthy radiant skin when it comes to makeup of any kind. The application goes on smoother and the skin feels more comfortable with the makeup on when the skin is prepared accordingly.

These tips should help you prep and care for the skin before and after any kind of high definition makeup.

I am sharing with you my typical makeup removal techniques as well as my nightly, skin cleansing routine that has helped maintain my skin smooth, bright and clear.

Both routines begin with the use of an amazing cleansing oil.

Here are two of my favorite shown below.

shu uemura cleansing oil

Shu Uemura Cleansing Anti/Oxi Oil $77.00

 dermalogica precleanseDermalogica Precleanse $38.00

These two oils are amazing for removing tough and heavy makeup. Halloween makeup usually includes lots of adhesives like ones used to attach false lashes on to our lash lines.

These types of adhesives can be rough on your skin if they are not removed appropriately.

The two oils I’ve shown above are excellent for removing any HD makeup (wedding makeup) and Halloween makeup.

A dime size goes a long way. You want to use clean hands over a sink of warm water and massages away the makeup using any of the two oils shown above. Cleanse skin for 20seconds to 60seconds and gently rinse away.

wedding-skin-tips-skin-care-products-01dailymicrofoliantDermalogica daily microfoliant $54.00

It’s important to exfoliate a minimum of twice a month to minimize and avoid congestion build up on your skin. This is common in skin when heavy makeup is worn on a daily basis.

Dermalogica has an excellent exfoliant that brightens and help prevent congestion build up on your skin. This product is gentle on your skin but tough on the grime that may accumulate on your skin as well as remove dead skin cells.

exfolikateKate SomerVille ExfoliKate $85.00

Exfolikate is another favored exfoliating product of mine. It’s gentle enough to use on a daily basis. Still if it’s a product your skin is not used to it is best to try it out once a week to begin with until your skin develops a tolerance for multiple products in one cleansing routine. Your skin is your body’s largest organ it is important we treat it to the best of our abilities possible.

12292Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser $41.00

An amazing cleanser that contains a percentage of latic acid helps detoxify the skin from further impurities on freshly exfoliated skin. This combination is for those that are more experienced with skin products and cosmetics. I have been using this cleanser for close to 5 years where my skin has developed a great tolerance for this cleanser. I like to leave this cleanser on my skin as a facial sometimes only if I know I will put soothing and vitamin infused serums to follow.

skin dryPat freshly cleansed skin dry.

freh rose tonerFresh Rose Floral Toner $40.00.

Spraying a floral or soothing herb toner on your freshly cleansed skin feels amazing on the skin post makeup removal treatment. Spraying a mist like the one shown above re-hydrates the skin and helps absorb any multi-vitamin or skin treatment almost instantly.

FullSizeRender Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement $72.00

Bobbi Brown’s Tips on how to use this serum.

“When layering skincare, always start with serum first to make sure the actives are fully absorbed into skin”

I use this serum daily and in the evening when I cleanse my skin before bed time. After I thoroughly cleanse my skin and mist the floral toner, I apply a drop on each side of my facial cheeks and massage in a circular motion, working it into the skin. I let the serum further seep into my skin as it’s left untouched for 2 minutes till my skin fully absorbed the serum. I finalize this facial cleansing routine by sealing the deal with an all day moisturizer. Preferably on that is formulated for all skin types.

kiehls ultra facial moisturizerKiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer $18.50

This wonderful moisturizer is formulated for all skin types and provides all day ultimate hydration. I use this both in my personal and professional beauty kits. It helps eliminate space in my  skin care kit knowing I could use one moisturizer for all skin types.

7-skin-sinsLets not forget to give our necks the same amount of TLC as our faces.

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Cheers to healthy skin.

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