Read this post and learn how to prevent your foundation from turning orange.

Ever experienced oxidation with your makeup?

You may have and not even know it. It’s when your foundation begins to turn orange, and your blush a muddy grey as you begin the blending process.


What is makeup oxidation, and how to prevent it?

Oxidation in your makeup is a result of a chemical reaction that occurs when your natural acidic oils may be off its PH balance, and counter acts with the minerals or ingredients found in your makeup products.

Most common minerals found in your makeup to cause this reaction would be Metal oxides, Titanium dioxide, Iron oxides, and Zinc oxides.

This would be similar to the idea of oxygen added to iron, and it forming rust.

Here is a very simple Potential Hydrogen (PH) scale I found to help you get a better understanding on what PH balance means.

The natural pH of the skin is 5.5

The skin produces sebum, and sweat to help create a protective barrier known as the acid mantle.  A healthy and daily skin care routine would be the best way to keep your natural pH balance of 5.5

Healthy skin routines along with a silicone based primer will help lock in the natural oils, and prevent foundation oxidation.

Antioxidants found in skincare products are used to stabilize the skin, and prevent oxidation from occurring.

A great product I highly recommend to help prevent your foundation from turning orange is Bobbi Browns

Intensive Skin Supplement

Antioxidants like the ones in this product help by neutralizing free radicals.

How I apply:

As usual I begin with a clean face.

Then apply an alcohol free toner before applying the Intensive Skin Supplement.

Followed by a silicone based primer or a hydrating moisturizer.

In addition to the information provided in the post I have attached a video by YouTube blogger: gossmakeupartist

Hope you found this post helpful & beneficial.

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