A Rejuventationā€¦..Down there?

A Designer Vaginal What?

They say time changes everything, and sometimes that may not always be a good thing? Especially! When we’re talking about Down There!

It’s only safe to say that along with slower metabolisms, baby wrinkles starting to show on our faces, hair starting to show some grays šŸ™ Sadly, other areas will start to change as well.

In addition to change many women are also having children at a younger age, and while natural births are a beautiful thing… The after birth not so much, meaning that things don’t just change because of age but can also change after a natural child birth.

However, some women are luckier and haven’t experienced any of these changes, even AFTER child birth. But for the women that aren’t so lucky or wish to enhance the aesthetic appearance of their Vulvar Structures?


Dr. Matlock is here to help.

The brilliant man behind these amazing trademarked procedures. To visit Dr. Matlock's site, please click on his picture.


Luckily, amazing procedures like the trademarked Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (vaginal tightening) and Designer Vaginoplasty (aesthetic enhancement) pioneered by Dr. David L. Matlock can help. Considering that most LA women have Designer everything, like Designer bags, clothes, shoes, and even DOGS. Now you can take part in your own Designer something… Like a Designer Vulva Structure.

Add some sparkle to your jewel. Check out Vajazzling by Jen Rutledge. Click here for more info

This is “So, LA!” and I love it!

In this post youā€™ll find some information regarding a really delicate area. I was a bit hesitant in posting this but I feel it is important to empower all women, and letting them know that there are options. Perhaps this information youā€™ll find helpful, interesting, or simply not for you?

The delicate topic is regarding an amazing female genital plastic surgery pioneered by Dr. David L. Matlock, who has become very popular and appeared in hit shows like “Dr.90210” for his trademarked procedures Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation and Designer Laser Vaginoplasty.

These amazing and brilliant procedures have been designed for the enhancement of sexual gratification (Vaginal Tightening) and the aesthetic enhancement of the vulvar structure.

Performed as an outpatient procedure making it easy to take a few days off from work, and recover in the privacy of your own home. These fabulous procedures are performed day in and day out making it one of the most safest procedures Dr. Matlock performs. Working with some of the top anesthesiologist Beverly Hills has to offer allowing you to have a pleasant experience every step of the way.

These are just two of the many amazing procedures Dr. Matlock performs. Stop by his website to see all other procedures.

For further detailed information please stop by Dr. Matlockā€™s very informative or call the office at 310-859-9052 and tell them Audrey sent you for a special discount.

If you would feel more comfortable in having me setting up your consultations or have any additional questions in regards to these procedures?

Please feel free to email me at audry@beautybyaudrey.com or contact me at 310-713-2781



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