los angeles_01_681x298Cheers to DAY 1

Embracing and accepting change is the first step into this transition to a fabulous new you.

Mental preparation is everything, premeditate your new lifestyle. Visualize how you’d like your future to be with your newly met fitness and lifestyle goals.Summer BodiesAs silly as it may be or sound, try creating a dream board out of old magazine pictures or pictures of yourself from your high school years, college years, before family years. Pictures of yourself when you gave yourself time and dedication to help make health and fitness goals become a reality. Picture your new body, and energy to wear smaller clothes, and take on more activities allowing your days to become more useful and productive.


Is an excellent social media outlet where you can create multiple boards for different categories, using online photos from other “Pintrest” users. Click on the link to follow my account for inspiration.

DAY 1:

 Mind, body, and soul should be your main focus on DAY 1.

Day 1 should come after you have already spent some time researching a potential game plan you might want to start testing out. Explore your options. Research different diets, exercises or sports club you might be interested in putting to the test. The objective for this new “lifestyle” is to find a way where maintaining a healthy diet, and a consistent work out routine seems natural, unforced, and you look forward to a healthy green drink after a hot yoga or Pilates class after or before work. Any way to make this lifestyle part of your daily routine.

6a00e54fb7301c8834014e87ed33c1970dThe benefit of feeling and looking good is the confidence you gain. Enough to wear almost anything new trending in shoes, clothes, or hang out at the latest and hottest “Hollywood” Hotel Pool Party where the attire is strictly swimwear.

Los Angeles is fun with the advantages of popular and effective hiking trails all around, and are short of a distance along with the beach, and mountains . The sun is almost always out, and there is always something fun and exciting to do. If you’re not from California, feel free to email us if you are ever visiting and are interested in knowing the latest on LA’s “fitness & health trends”.



A  juice cleanse is almost essential to begin on your DAY 1

Try a cleanse from 3 to 7days. You don’t have to stop eating solid foods completely if you’d prefer a smoother transition. However on the first three days you want to aim for flushing out as many toxins as possible. Omitting all processed foods from your diet through out the first 3days.

HamburgerAs you adopt this new “La Lifestyle” you don’t have to deprive yourself from occasional cravings. Simply consume “cravings” considered “processed foods”, or “high in calorie count” in moderation. It doesn’t have to be a specific “cheat date” where you decide to splurge like it’s “Thanksgiving” all in one day.

Simply choose the cleanest version of your craving, and smaller portions any time you have a particular craving.

This suggestions should be taken after you complete your 3-7 day #Detox Juice Cleanse.

After completing your #Detox cleanse your body will naturally crave cleaner, and organic meal choices.

If you have health problems or have medical concerns regarding your diet, check with your primary physician before making any kind of drastic change to your diet or lifestyle.

Within your 3-7 day detox cleanse, and you feel you need to include non-juiced fruit or a protein to help the body feel nourished, and help keep your blood sugar levels stabilized.

Organic apples and bananas for breakfast, lunch, post workouts, or for dinner.


  • Egg whites
  • Boiled Eggs
  • Fish
  • Grilled or Steam chicken Breast

Pair protein with a bed of spinach to lightly steamed kale.

getty_rf_photo_of_salmon_dinnerDinner Example

DAY 1-3

On these first days you want to try your best to stick with the juice cleanse as much as possible. However, if you feel the need to eat something a little more filling, I’ve listed some options. I would recommend to always purchase organic for your new diet choices  but not pressuring anyone to only buy organic foods. There is a price difference with different meal options. The key is to transition into this lifestyle in a way that is right for you, creating your own and “unique” routine.


Day 1 through Day 3 and 7 for the troopers. I’ll explain the pattern in which I drink my juices, and how each one taste and what you can expect from each blend.




Are packaged and uncooked juices I sometimes order online or purchase from my local www.wholefoodsmarket.com

Cashew Vanilla Cinnamon Agave, from BluePrint with the blue top shown above is a juice I prefer to have for breakfast, post workouts, or a soothing snack in the evening. Vanilla Cloud is similar in taste only it contains Almond Milk instead of Cashew and it’s from www.sujajuice.com

Both taste Rich, Creamy, and have a yummy, nuttiness flavor. Both brands and flavors are the same in consistency, and have pulp bottled in. The pulp is what contains the natural proteins and minerals, your body will benefit from almost immediately because it’s all natural. You’ll note that a variety of nut milks are replacing cows milk in most meals and recipes. Americans are now using organic nut or soy milks in their breakfast cereal, morning smoothies, and vegans are using it as a dairy alternative.

alternatives-to-milkYou’ll will find most Nut and Soy milks at your local, organic grocery stores in packages similar to the ones shown below.

Nut and soy milksExploring New “Fitness” options.

There are so many things trending now when it comes to fitness, everything  from “Aerialist Class”, Pole Fitness, Body Garments to help reduce waist inches, and forever evolving “workout attire”.

LAFitness-4Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of a GYM. I prefer to work out hiking up a mountain, running along side a beach, surfing, paddle boarding, hot yoga, or just dance at home for an hour to Pandora shuffle. Still having access or membership to a gym is important, so that you always have access to one, and make sure to use your membership and get your monies worth. This will help ensure that you are working out routinely through out the week.

AntiGravity Yoga 2How fun does this class look, this is definitely taking your typical workout, out of the ordinary. Anti-Gravity Yoga, studies show this is perfect for those that suffer from sports injuries, sore muscles, and is over all great for meditation and relaxation as your muscles get a good source of Oxygen flow.

firefly-homeWho can leave out this ever so fast growing, pole fitness trend. By far one of the most fun I’ve had getting a full body work  out. Your arms, and back will thank you. Such amazing muscle tone, and you’re still able to keep a lean and toned body physique. Step it up one more step and try this class in your highest pair of heels.

LA BeastPost Workout Meals & Liquid Lunches

Alkaline Toxin Flush

  • Parsley
  • Cucumber
  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • Spinach
  • Ginger
  • Kale
  • Beets (optional)
  • Wheat Grass (optional)

Cheers on completing DAY 1

Please feel free to email me if you have any additional questions on specific details as this was just an brief introduction.

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