Lashes can really make or break your makeup style.

Lashes has definitely become my favorite and most creative portion of any makeup application. I really enjoy customizing each set of lashes to each clients both individual and unique eye shape. If the lashes are applied properly it can really compliment the clients natural beauty, and really make her eyes pop.

There is definitely a difference between stripped and individual lashes. Stripped lashes are less time consuming when applying, and individuals require a little more of a strategy as well as time when applying. So definitely you would want to set aside at least 10minutes minimum for a perfect application of individual lashes.

Individual lashes will give you more of a natural look, and help keep the makeup really clean. There are also some stripped lashes that can give you the same natural look but I think individual lashes allow you to have more control on the overall end result.

How I apply my individual lashes:

I begin with 3 different lengths in individual lashes. Short, Medium, and long flared.

Taking them out of the case, and separating like this picture will make the application easiest.

Adrell lashes are easiest to find, and work perfectly. Available at all drug stores.
















I set out a pair or two of tweezers, clear and dark duo lash glue, a pair of scissors, mascara, lash cards, and eyeliners.

This is one of my simple lash setups.

The Lash Cards are not shown in my setup picture but I use them with most of my lash applications.  They really help you coat all your lashes evenly without messing up shadow treatments, or clumping the lashes. The objective is to create small gaps in the lashes, so you can fill them in with the individual lashes.

This card really helps separate and evenly coat lashes.

If you don’t have any of these lashes or don’t want to buy any. A great alternative is to use old business cards, and cut a crescent shape on the ends to fit over eyes.

Famous YouTube Beauty Blogger: Michelle Phan shows you how to recreate these lash friendly cards.

Once you have your lashes nicely coated, and can see mini separations between lashes you are ready to apply your lashes. The gaps are where you’d want to take each little lash clump with a pair of tweezers, delicately dipped in the lash glue, and gently place between these little spaces.  I either start with the short lashes at the inner corner of the eye, and work my way out to the longer sized lashes. You can also start at the outer end of the lashes with the longer lashes, and work your way in with the shorter lashes. You may have to adjust the lashes a bit once they are placed to make sure they are all going the same direction before they completely dry.

Depending on the size and shape of the eye you’ll know when to skip out on the longer set of lashes. Using to long of a lash on a smaller sized eye can actually make the eye look smaller.

Ideally this is how you want the lashes to look. Clear glue would be used if you want to skip the eyeliner.

Once all lashes are dry and in place, you can gently curl the lashes and add a final coat of mascara to make sure they blend will with your natural lashes. This additional step and technique really adds texture, length and keeps the eyes looking natural.

Here is the cleanest video I found on YouTube on how to apply the individual lashes.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and learned a little about applying false individual lashes. They can really take an ordinary look into an extraordinary look.

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