The terms “makeover and mommy makeovers” have many definitions in today’s beauty industry. Definitions as simple as a learning how to “contour” your face through makeup (PSHDmakeup), a hair color change, to something more extreme like temporary injectables, fillers, to a more permanent change like a cosmetic surgical procedure.


Surgical makeovers of any kind would require a higher level of commitment, requiring extensive research on who you choose to perform your elected procedure. Be open and honest, first with yourself, and then with your cosmetic surgeon. Bring photographs to your surgeon to show the post-operative results, you are hoping to achieve.


Don’t compromise health and safety for the promise of instant change, shortest recovery time or cheapest price.

Lets begin with our smiles.

Studies have shown that smiling can improve your over all quality of life….


Some of Hollywood’s famous celebrities are notorious for their picture perfect, super white, and straight teeth.

LaBeautyGuide’s top Beauty Concierge would like you to meet a team of cosmetic dentist, cosmetic dermatologist, and plastic surgeons that can help keep your smile healthy, and something to continuously smile about.

9201sunset copyYou can find them and many others at 9201 Sunset Medical Towers in a world renowned location.

MG_2726_edit conveniently located across from celebrity hot spot BOA steak house, and for the more exclusive crowd, Soho House West Hollywood (membership only) rooftop lounge. Valet Parking available, parking validation, not always….


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Ever thought there would come a day where you can have your wrinkles taken care of, and your teeth whiten all at the same time? I never did! Growing up I didn’t have a clue “beauty services” like this could have existed or could have ever thought I would consider them as often as I do?

These visits are perfect for the individual that is constantly on the go, and enjoys an occasional glass of wine or a cocktail over lunch or dinner over social gatherings. Alcohol can play a role on premature signs of aging, as it dehydrates your skin causing wrinkles, and can change the color of your teeth. Dual teeth can contribute to a busy 30year old looking a little “tired”, straight and white teeth can almost immediately help rejuvenate a face.

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28785d4a8a212cf6d805dfbef8bec82bWhere should your procedure be preformed?

Not all cosmetic procedures are preformed in hospital like facilities. Most often are preformed in private, state regulated out patient operating centers. Working with a team of medical professionals, preforming these cosmetic procedures day in and day out. Elective procedures often performed in surgery centers that look like the pictures below, and obtain accreditation’s from one of the major  accreditation organizations also found below:

American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF)

The Joint Commission

Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP)

Just to name a few and give you an idea on why some surgeons charge more than others for the same procedures.


Baptist Hospital East 0008


Depending on the cosmetic procedure you’ve selected, your anesthesia options vary and include:

  1. Local Anesthesia
  2. Local Anesthesia with IV or oral sedation.
  3. Regional Anesthesia
  4. General Anesthesia

There should always be a pre-operative appointment prior to your scheduled date of surgery where the plastic surgeon and in some cases an anesthesiologist will go over the procedure with you, and inform you on what to expect the day of surgery, shortly after surgery, and that you will need a responsible adult to pick you up after your surgical procedure. Most often your surgeons office can provide you with a list of hotels and nurses that offer safe and professional post operative, recovery services for those that wish to keep their procedure confidential and would like to hire a responsible and licensed (nurse) adult to help with all of your post operative needs.


Click for additional information on how you can further coordinate additional post operative services, that will work on coordinating schedules with your Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon.

Plastic surgery

 If you would like further information on a specific procedure, and how you can begin your consultation process with a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon or two (Combined Cases), please feel free to email our surgical scheduler and beauty concierge Audrey@BeautyByAudrey.Com

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