If you live in Los Angeles, you know that first impressions are everything. Hair and makeup are pretty much a must when leaving your home. Lol.

I’ve always been obsessed with long, black and straight hair.

Unfortunately, for me I was not born with either. Growing up I had medium brow hair with a mixture of curly and wavy hair. It’s been years of trial and error with products, stylist and styling tools to achieve this length, color and texture.

It’s been time and money well invested to achieve hair to my waist and shinning black hair.

I’ve been blessed to have met my hair soul mate and hairstylist, Christian Andrew. Big shades and a mean mug is what you’ll see me wearing at the hair salon. Meet my hairstylist.

I always look forward to my visits with Christian, we have amazing conversation, bubbly and I always leave with silky, shining and flawless looking hair.

To book an appointment and see more of his work, make sure to follow his instagram @hairbrujo  

If you would like to learn more details on how to achieve this look, listing all products and styling tools, please continue to read this blog post.

This hair is a result of a good schwarzkopf hair dye recipe that has been perfected just for my hair. We do hair treatments and hair trims at least every two month to keep my ends soft and my hair silky. Treatments include hair taming systems by GK Hair. and sometimes we switch it to Brazilian Blowout products to straighten my hair. Both GK Hair and Brazilian Blowout have shampoos and conditioners for home aftercare as well as styling products for home blow outs. Along with good hair products and hairstylist, it’s important to invest your money on good styling tools. I’ve had styling tools in the past that have caused damaged and breakage to my hair.

Two of my greatest investments for my hair care at home, has been the Dyson Super Sonic Hairdryer and a GHD hair straightener. The Dyson hair dryer blow drys my hair in half the time with no extreme heat. It is a little expensive costing $499.00 but I feel like it’s well worth it, I’ve been using it for a 6months and love it.

In addition to this amazing hair dryer I purchased a highly recommended hair straighter, The GHD Platinum + Professional Performance 1 inch Styling wand. I purchased both the hair dryer and straightener at Sephora. The straighter set me back $249.00 plus tax. It’s a fantastic hair straighter with one setting that gets the job done on the first glide through your hair.

One of my favorite hair protectant is by Design Me, and it’s a lightweight micro-emulsion mist that forms a thin layer around hair fibers creating better cuticle alignment, better air flow and less water entrapment. 

After spritzing my hair with Power Dry Me, I detangle with my favorite brushes by Leyla Milani

I love her miracle paddle brush as well as the round brushes to blow out my hair. 

You definitely want to invest in some good hair brushes as well. For my fellow yogi’s that enjoy a good hot yoga class, I recommend applying a hair mask before class. Brush in the product and slick your hair into a high top knot using a material or cloth scrunchie.

After hair mask, I wash using same products and routine. Once my hair is washed and straightened, I apply my last products to keep my hair from frizzing up and lock in the shine.

After my hair is dry and straight I add additional shine by spritzing Matrix Biolage, Dewy Moisture mist.

Lastly for for those extra stubborn little hairs that won’t flatten down I use Açaí Restorative sculpt and define polish. This product is also by Brazilian blow out. 

There are many more products, tools and tips to share. I hope you enjoyed this post and look out for more by following our instagram to see the latest in our beauty community. @LaBeautyGuide

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