My Little Black Book is filled with some of the most amazing BEAUTY TIPS!

Everyone’s LITTLE BLACK BOOK is different. Some are filled with numbers, poetry, dreams, and goals.

What’s in your Little Black Book?

Mine is filled with lots of amazing BEAUTY tips, and notes.

While most got to enjoy their summer under the sun, and hanging out with friends. My summer was spent behind a computer sharing some of my Beauty tips with you 🙂

Which I enjoy every moment of Beauty Blogging.

In this book I have notes from the Mario Dedivanovic WorkShop, Paul Mitchell & The Cao Institute.  Recently added to my LITTLE BLACK BOOK, are amazing notes from the one and only SCOTT BARNES.

Lit From Within, Find Your Glow.


“Lit From Within, Find Your Glow” was the name of the workshop. It was a class that definitely exceeded all of my expectations. It was a class that didn’t feel like a class.

Scott Barnes is one of the nicest people to conduct a makeup class. He was extremely friendly, and sweet. He made sure no one was afraid to ask any questions, in fact he encouraged questions to be asked.

All of students got to see all his amazing techniques, we were also able to get GREAT pictures of him teaching.

The class felt more like a little family for those hours. The vibe was definitely tension free! Which, made it that much easier to be comfortable and ask questions.

Scott Barnes showing us the first steps of his makeup application.







We were all very lucky to take notes as we stood behind him while he was applying makeup.











I seriously couldn’t believe how close I was able to stand behind him, while he applied makeup and he was so nice about it too.


Scott’s Makeup Heaven.

Scott’s works with an amazing team as well.

The host of the event Tracey Sutter was just as amazing. She did an amazing job at coordinating the event.

Tracey Sutter & Makeup Artist Eileen Sandoval






Celebrity Hairstylist Frank Galasso was also there and gave great advice about the Industry. Follow him on twitter @Fghair








This was an amazing experience over all.  A great opportunity to also network with other students attending the class. Many of the students were from out of state.

If Scott Barnes is conducting a class near you, and you are just as passionate about makeup?

Please, do not hesitate in attending. Completely worth every penny!

Make sure to add Scott Barnes Facebook for updates, and when his next class will be.  Also, his second book is coming out soon! The second book sounds like it’s going to be even more amazing than the first one.

My signed copy of the About Face book. I can’t wait for the second book.













So many more amazing events, blogs, specials, and beauty tips coming your way.

Stay Beautiful & Stay Connected.

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