A post on my fabulous experience at The Los Angles Makeup Show.

TMS was all that I had expected and more. It was my first time attending, and made sure to take advantage of all the amazing education that was provided, and their amazing key note speakers. Mario Dedicanovic and Troy Jensen were at the top of my list on people I wanted to see at the show. Unfortunately, I got there a bit late and caught the tail end of Mario’s portion.

He’s amazing in every way and wasn’t too upset I missed his talk, and makeup demonstration because I had already attended his Makeup Workshop. It was still awesome to know he was casually walking around The Makeup Show after he was on stage. He seems very humble, and that just adds to his cool factor. LOL!

I made my way around the show to see what goodies I can get my hands on, and I came across these amazing brushes.  These brushes are simply amazing in every way possible.  I first heard of these brushes when I read Scott Barnes ABOUT FACE. There is a lot of blending in Scott’s makeup technique. Sometimes if the brushes have the slightest bit of a hard edge, or bad bristles it can ruin the entire makeup as it begins to cause a mini exfoliation on the skin, causing the makeup to flake and possibly oxidize.

Hakuhodo Brushes

Which is why these brushes are anything short of perfection. The bristles are made of top quality hair, and are all hand made using specials techniques when assembling to not jeopardize the quality of the bristles. These brushes are extremely soft, perfect for blending out hard edges, and smoothing out all creamy products. My first thought was to start of my collection of Hakuhodo brushes, and grab 10 brushes but when I looked at the price I definitely paused for a min. Each brush ranging from smallest to largest have a price point of $34 for the smallest brush to $110 for the larger brushes. These are definitely the Rolls Royce of all brush collections.

My shopping spree was rather small buying only one brush and a couple of the Zpalletes from the Naimies booth. I’ve attended many makeup shows in the past, and have missed out on all the amazing education that’s available because I’m holding on to big bags, and stressed out by the lines. So, I decided to keep the shopping to a bare minimal but take the opportunity to really explore the show, and see what new products and makeup trends are out.   While exploring I came across a few amazing things that really caught my eye. Many PRO artist might not think this is as cool but check out www.ShadowShields.com  I really think these are amazing when working larger bridal parties, and time is very limited. You can rush through intense smokey eyes, or even softer shimmers and avoid all the dropped shadows even if you do eyes before foundation, you’re still wiping off under eyes removing the primers & moisturizers you might have applied prior to the shadow application. Causing you to use double the product, and waste time in wiping the area clean. Definite must haves for my kit, I will be ordering very shortly.

www.imakeyoubeautiful.com was another cool booth I came across. It’s sort of a spin off of YouTube makeup tutorials. Makeup Artist Danessa Myricks
has put together an amazing set of convenient step-by-step DVDs on amazing makeup techniques. Something to definitely check out.

I was also able to sit in MakeupForever & Celebrity makeup artist David Hernandez makeup application using MakeupForever 12 Flash Color Case.


Available at @Sephora for $95 a $216 dollar value.

MUA David Hernandez working the stage.







David really took the color wheel to a whole new level making full use of all 12 shades on this amazing Flash color case. I was beyond impressed with his talent in mixing color, and ability to improvise in such a creative fashion.  He had amazing charisma and talent to say the least. I learned a lot about Makeup Forever products, and how you can mix them with other products to create new ones.

Definitely an informative as well as fun class I was able to sit in.


My wonderful experience at TMS  came to an end by sitting in Keynote speaker Troy Jensen class. I was beyond excited to have gotten great seating. I sat in the 2nd roll, and I’m happy to say that he is even more amazing in person. I wanted to ask what type of skin care products he used because his skin was amazing.

Troy Jensen is a celebrity makeup artist working with some of the top A-list celebrities, and still he is one that wishes to be defined by what he does, and not who he works with. He’s not only a talented makeup artist that has been in the industry for 30 years but an amazing photographer as well. Some of you may be familiar with his work if you remember back to the Kardashian’s episode where Kim poses for a Birthday Calendar she made for Reggie Bush.

Troy talked a lot about the freelancing business, pros and cons about working with an agencies, building and managing your own career, and how you have to constantly reinvent the wheel. A lot of helpful tips, and things to look out for. I really enjoyed listening to all the important things he had to share with us in regards to the industry.

The Makeup Show was a great experience over all. Truly a PRO makeup artist show.

Beauitful Makeup & Photography by Troy Jensen



Here is an amazing video showcasing some of Troy’s talents.

I hope you enjoyed some of my TMS highlights.

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