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Eve Pearl Work Shop

Just reserved my spot. I'm super excited to be attending five-time Emmy winner and author Eve Pearls Make-up work shop on the 27th. Can't wait to learn new Make-up tips and tricks I can share with all of you.

IMATS 2010!

Super excited for the trade show this year. How many of you are going June 26 & 27th? Hope to see you all there.

COSMEDICINE Medi-morhosis self-Adjusting Exfoliator

COSMEDICINE Medi-morphosis self-Adjusting Exfoliator is perfect for those of you that are like me and need to exfoliate more than once a week. It's not to harsh on your skin. I use it mainly on my nose and chin. It also works well in combination with a mild cleanser...


ecoTOOLS are these cool new brushes I found at rite-aid. I'm currently using the BAMBOO bronzer brush. The bristles are very soft. I use it to blend and buff in my foundation as well as dust a light powder to set it. I really recommend them, they're under 10 bucks...

2010 Fashion Show

It was a great pleasure of mine to participate at the 2010 fashion show. It was a team effort along with soyfly productions of accomplishing many great looks to complement designs by Fatima. Fabulous and flawless make-up applications were done. I will be posting...

Daily Make-up Routines.

Working on creating some fun, fast, and fresh make-up routines for this summer. Anyone want to share their daily make-up routines or have any questions on how they can improve?

Latex found in lash glue.

Serious risk with latex found in some products found in our kits such as eye-lash glue. Very important to ask clients if they have allergic reactions to latex or anything else. Anyone have good suggestions for a lash glue not containing latex?

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